VSM 4″ Submersible Motors

Being manufactured with superior Vansan technology, VSM Oil Cooled 4 inch Submersible Motors are submersible motors those can be produced up to 7.5 kW. They are noise-free, oil-lubricated, durable and long-lasting motors that do not require periodic maintenance. The VSM Submersible Motor can operate without being affected by the slope of the well. It is suitable to work both vertically and horizontally. It has a stainless steel body and a stainless steel shaft. Its flange and shaft end are in Nema standards and it can operate smoothly with all suitable submersible pumps. VSM of 4 ” motors are available in both single-phase and three-phase models. Models in the range of 0,5 – 3 HP (0,37 -2,2 kW) in the case of single-phase and models in the range of 0,75 – 10 HP (1 – 7,5 kW) in the case of three-phase are available.



Single Phase Products
VSM OF 04/0,55M4"0,370,552.500503998,2
VSM OF 04/0,75M4"0,550,752.500504198,4
VSM OF 04/1M4"0,7512.500504399,3
VSM OF 04/1.5M4"1,11,52.5005047910,5
VSM OF 04/2M4"1,522.5005050912,2
VSM OF 04/3M4"2,232.5005059913,7
Three Phase Products
VSM OF 04/1T4"0,7512.500504199,3
VSM OF 04/1.5T4"1,11,52.5005043910,5
VSM OF 04/2T4"1,522.5005047912,2
VSM 04/3T4"2,232.5005050913,7
VSM OF 04/4T4"345.0005056815,8
VSM OF 04/5.5T4"45,55.0005063819,5
VSM OF 04/7.5T4"5,57,55.0005069322,1
VSM OF 04/10T4"7,5105.0005083327,5

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