General Features

Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps

  • Single-stage, Centrifugal volute design with vertically arranged radial discharge branch. Single entry, closed impeller. Heavy duty ball bearings with two ” grease lubricated-for-life” seals in sturdily constructed housing flanged to pump casing.
  • Maintenance is very much easier, the impeller shaft and other rotating parts being removeable with no need to disconnect the suction or delivery pipes.
  • In fact the use of one extension coupling enables a pump to be dismantled without moving either the driver or the pump casing
  • Maximum interchangeability of components. Identical parts can be used with various sizes of pumps, which greatly simplifies and reduces stock of spare parts.
  • Normed manufacturing according to “DIN 24255” – “TS EN 733” , flanches according to “DIN 2533” – “ISO 7005-2/PN16”
  • Pumps are supplied as standart with a conventional gland packed. Latern ring for water sealing and lubrication of packing. Temperature up to 105 ºC with gland packing and above to 160 ºC with mechanical seal.


For clean or turbid liquids, free from large solids. For pumping water, petrol, benzene, oil, brine, alkaline solutions and mild acids. For circulation, rrigation and drainage purposes. For water supply and booster stations. For industrial, power station, fire fighting system and agricultural applications and also for public services.


General Performance

Dik Milli Inline Pompalar Genel Performans Eğrileri

Parts List
102 Casing
161.1 Casing cover for soft packing
162.2 Casing cover for mechanical seal
210 Shaft
230 Closed impeller
321 Anti-friction bearing (motor side)
322 Anti-friction bearing (pump side)
330 Bearing bracket
360 Bearing cover (motor side)
360 Bearing cover (pump side)
400 O-ring for casing cover
433 Mechanical seal assembly
440.1 Key for impeller
440.2 Key for coupling
452 Stuffing box gland
459 Stuffing box busing
461 Stuffing box packing
502.1 Wearing ring (casing side)(Opt.)
502.2 Wearing ring (casing cover side)(Opt.)
507 Deflector
525 Distance sleev for mechanical seal
902.1 Stud for gland
902.2 Stud for casing
902.3 Stud for casing cover
916 Drain plug
920.1 Gland stud nut
920.2 Casing nut
920.3 Casing cover nut
922 Impeller nut
985 Supporting foot

Product Code System