New Member of the Stainless Steel Pump Family

With our VSP SS 06017 series of pumps, we have produced a pump that will serve the flow rate of 12-18 m³/h. Discharge head of our new pump, which can be manufactured up to 40 stages, can reach up to 400 meters. Number of the specially designed stages can be up to 60. This way the discharge head can go over 600 meters as well. Our pumps those have an outside diameter of 132 mm and an output diameter of 2 ½ “are also characterized by their ability to be connected to the engines of 6 “and 4”.
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Vansan Testing stand

VANSAN has gained more strength with Turkey’s first testing stand.

Having a compression capacity of 2 – 30,000 m³/h and a power of 3,500 kW, our VANSAN testing stand, which has been engineered by our R&D engineers in many years, took its place among the best testing stands in Europe.
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New face of Vansan!

Corporate structure is being changed radically because of the expanding product range, technological developments and great increase in number of countries that we export our products. Many innovations which are suitable for today’s conditions are being done for corporate identity standards. Catalog, brochure, website, poster, distributor activities and all visual communicational tools are being renewed with our logo.

Architectural revision was also started with corporate reform. Wide, modern and comfortable office atmosphere is being created for R&D, sales staff and administrative personal because of the increasing product types and special projects.

Two new meeting rooms which meetings, seminars and educations will be held are on structuring period.