Mission and Vision

Innovative, environmentally sensitive, customer-oriented


High quality

VANSAN has the policy to provide 100% customer satisfaction by manufacturing top quality products with high technology. A VANSAN product always has high quality including its smallest visible or invisible part.  Raw materials that only has international standards are preferred.  Many problems might be  happening  after sales are prevented by  top quality system  that is applied from the beginning of manufacturing till delivery.



Vansan follows new techonolgies closely. Tests and analysis are done in order to improve our products in the fastest way and create new production lines. VANSAN always shows effort on developing its products and systems in order to be the followed one in its proffession. That's why high budget is allocated on R&D and have expert staff on their proffession.


Environmental friendly

With the awareness of 20% of produced electricity in the world is consumed by pumps ; VANSAN always aim to design pumps with higher efficiencies. Enviromental friendly materials are used during production as much as possible and wastes are minimized.


Customer oriented

Acting with the awareness that the real owners of this company are customers ; we provide them reasonable prices and trouble-free products just in time.


Easy service can be provided

Vansan, which is developing on the way of becoming a global brand ; knows the importance of providing fast and just on time service. That's why we expand our organization to provide perfect service in every location our products are used.