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  • - Cooling Towers
  • - Flood Control
  • - Land Drained
  • - Irrigation
  • - Pollution Control
  • - Industrial

The propeller pump is driven by solid shaft motors or vertical hollow shaft motors

Discharge Head
Elbows are available in both the above base or below base type ( as illustrated ). The discharge opening can be either plain end or flanged , depending upon requirements.

SalStuffing box
Soft seal is used and there are simple and easy maintenance.

Pump Shaft
The Shaft is made of high tensile, pump shaft quality material in 416SS and sized to operate without objectionable distortion or vibration.


Heavy dust cast aluminium bronze ( stainless steel or ductile cast iron available ) are balanced to assure vibration free operation and hard finished for maximum performance . The propeller secured to the shaft by a simple key , split thrust ring and retainer, assures positive drive and adequate locking. The axial flow propeller has a single inlet , available in numerous pitches to allow the flow to enter axially and discharge nearly axially for maximum capacity discharge.



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