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Vertical turbines can also be used with or without coloumn pipes instead of horizontal multi stage centrifugal pumps. Some of the application areas can be listen below;

- Industrial processes
- Agricultural irrigation
- Cooling water Pumping
- Transferring raw water from sea, river or lake
- Circulation Pumps
- Fire fighting systems
- Flood water drainage
- Over raft applications
While using vertical turbine pumps instead of horizontal turbine pumps

1. Since there is no suction valve, suction header and foot valve, there is no suction line loss.
2. As it covers half of the space in installation comparing to horizontal multistage pumps so loss of free space can be prevented.
3. When it is required to change the total head of the pump, it is possible to increase or decrease number of stages without changing rest of the installation line
4.Discharge head can be adjusted precisely since head per stage is much lower than horizontal multistage pumps.
5.Having higher efficiencies comparing to horizontal multistage pumps provides energy saving.

Vertical turbine pumps consist of pump assembly, column assembly, discharge head and motor.

Power that is provided by motor on the surface, is transferred to pump by line shafts and provides fluid to pumped to surface. Discharge head provides fluid that reaches to surface, directed to system while carrying the motor and also bearing thrust assembly. Column pipes provides connection between discharge and pump assembly while carrying fluid to the surface. They also acts as bearing for line shafts.


Lubrication of the pump shaft can be pressed in December with the fluid, can also be done externally with oil. Printed with oil-lubricated systems, intermediate shaft bearings will not come into contact with fluid pumping systems are preferred, especially sandy or abrasive features. Drinking water for irrigation or agricultural use, lubricated with a water system will be appropriate.





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