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Rewindable VSM motors up to 185 kW
High efficiency provides operation cost savings
Water coolant system
Flange with NEMA standards
Stainless steel shaft
Max. ambient water temperature 30°C (50°C and 70°C is optional)
Standard voltage 380/460V - 50/60Hz (Allowable voltage tolerance ±%10. )
Variable operation revolutions by frequency convertor (over 30Hz)
Availability to be operated by Soft-Starter
Optional high corrosion resistive materials (AISI 304 - AISI 316 - Duplex - Bronze)

CW & CCW direction of rotation.

Rewindable, PVC, PP & PE2+PA winding wire

Our rewindable motors provides long service life.

Our motors can be operated horizontally if motors will be installed in
open body of water (i.e pool)


Heavy duty bearings with high thrust capacity

Heavy duty bearings provides the option to revolve both sides, has the capacity to carry high thrust load.

Water lubricated radial carbon bearings

Radial carbon bearings, which have channels in its structure that makes it possible to get lubricated by
water easily, provides precise bearing of rotor shaft at up and down.

Chrome-plated bearing collet

Chrome-plated and precisely machined bearing collets which are located in the radial bearings operating area,
have great importance for bearing the rotor.

Mechanical sealing system for high sand resistance and degree of protection: IP68

Although mechanical seal is optionally used by other companies, it is always used by Vansan as a standard,
to prevent sand and other particles to get in motors to provide long bearing life.

Pressure balancing checkvalve

Pressure balancing checkvalve controls the pressure changes inside the motor. When the pressure increases,
it throw water out of the motor.When the pressure drops, it filtrates the water inside well and gets it inside the motor by
the help of this checkvalve to balance the pressure inside. That's why pressure differences inside motor never causes
membrane under motor to blow up.

Practical and easy-to-mount output power cable

Connection of the power cable to body is made practically by cable seal and seal cover.
Power cables can be changed easily without any damage.

PT100 Overheating protection

By connecting the PT100 thermal sensors to the slot that is standardly placed on upper bearing body, motor temperature values can be easily measured.

Up-Thrust ring

Provides safe operation conditions for motor by absorbing Up-Thrust loads with it's machined surface and water channels on it.

Cable connection

Preventing the water inside the motor to run through the cable and reach connection parts of power cables by specially designed cable seals.

Adjustment screw

Standard shaft height can be precisely adjusted by the
adjustment screw on the thrust bearing base.


Membrane minimizes the expansion pressure that is caused
by heating of cooling water's inside the motor

Slinger (sand guard)

Slinger helps to prevent the sand inside the water of the well entering in
mechanical seal and through mechanical seal to inside of the motor.

Part No

Part Name


1 Stator -
1.1 Winding wire PVC - P.P
1.2 Stator package M350
1.3 Stator shell AISI 304
2 Rotor -
2.1 Shaft sleeve St 37(crNi kaplama)
2.2 Balance ring St 37
2.3 Copper ring Cu
3 Radial bearing Karbon
4 Upper bearing body GG20-22
5 Bushing Bronze
6 Slinger (sand guard) NBR_EPDM
7 Hexagon socket cap screws Inox
8 Copper ring Cu
9 Cover seal AISI 420
10 Mechanical seal Seramik Karbon
11 Axial thrust bearing key AISI 420
12 Axial thrust bearing Antimuan Karbon
13 Retaining ring St 37
14 Tie rod Inox
15 Lower bearing body GG20-22
16 Thrust bearing support GG20-22
17 Ball holder St 37 (Cr+3 kaplama)
18 Thrust bearing ball Inox
19 Tilting pads AISI 420
20 Eksenel yatak O-ring NBR 70
21 Thrust bearing body GG20-22
22 Copper ring Cu
23 Nut Inox
24 Screw (thrust bearing base) Inox
25 Membrane NBR-EPDM
26 Membrane body GG22
27 Hexagon socket cap screws Inox
28 Check-valve Bronze
29 O-ring NBR 70
30 Cable seal NBR
31 Seal cover AISI 304
32 Nut Inox
33 Plush (r 3/8") Bronze
34 Ball holder pins Inox

Cable Selection Table Power Cable Connection
Motor Water Filling Insulation Resistance Test
Use Cooling Jacket Energy Conection Schema
Use Frequency Convertor and Soft Starter Trouble Shooting

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