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PE2+PA Reinforced HT Submersible Motors
24 January 2017

Vansan is producing submersible motors with red color and HT logo. The reason of this visual change is new power inside.

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4” Motors are now 100% Vansan
24 December 2016

We will start mass production of Vansan 4” Encapsulated and Oil Cooled Submersible Motors very soon.

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VANSAN is on 2016 SODEX Fair!
04-07 May 2016

VANSAN is on 2016 SODEX. This exhibiton exhibition related to the Pump, Valve, Water Purification Systems, Pipe and Fittings. Location is Istanbul Fair Centre

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New face of VANSAN!
23 August 2010

Expanding product range, technological developments and great increase in number of countries that we export our products...

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New member of our Stainless Steel Pump family!
24 June 2010

Production of the pump which will be used between flow rates of 12-18 m³/h became true by our VSP SS 06017 series pumps.

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5-8 May 2010

We again participated in ISK-SODEX İstanbul 2010 which is one of the important fairs of the sector. At opening ceremony of fair...

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Single stage centrifugal pumps are on mass production line
03 August 2010

Single stage centrifugal pump production just started which is one of the targets of 2010...

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