The most important criteria in designs is life-time cost.

20% of produced energy in the world is consumed by pumps. Saving 30% of this energy is possible with a good system design and well designed pump. With this awareness; our purpose is to produce pumps that spend less energy but producing more work. The most important criteria of all VANSAN products is the life-time cost.


R&D Basic Operating Principle

- Determination of the need is developed by the collaboration of the R&D, Sales-Marketing, and Production departments.
- Boards of directors evaluate new project demands according to funding and marketability and decide to do investment.
- Designing the pump in our design programs.
- Verification of the pump design in our simulation programs
- Transfering the design to the modeling or molding deparment after the verification.
- After the dimensional check of the sample, performance test is done and comparing the results with rival products if exists.
- Performing the field tests, doing the final verification of  product with end users
- Starting mass production

Special Projects