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Research and Development
Vansan R & D department uses a special design software already prepared by Vansan Engineers to create a new impeller and diffuser. Design results will be rechecked by CFD programs before starting the preparation of patterns. This ability gives a great flexibility to create a new pump in a short period with high efficiency.
High Efficiency
% 20 of produced energy in the world is consumed by pumps. Saving % 30 of this energy is possible with a good system design and well designed pumps. With this awareness our purpose is to produce pumps with high efficiencies up to %93. The most important criteria for Vansan Team is life cycle cost.
Different Material Option
Vansan gives a great material selection option to the customers for different applications such as cast iron, cast steel, non-alloyed and low alloy steel grades, stainless CrNi Steel grades, duplex and superduplex steel grades, Bronze, Ni-Al Bronze and others.
Quality Assurance
Quality Control is a continuous process in Vansan. It starts from the quotation phase, ordering phase,
manufacturing process, installation & operation phase, warranty period & after sales operations.

Pattern Shop

Vansan has complete in house pattern shop powered by CAD-CAM programs. It gives a quick action ability for the new designs and improvements.


Thanks to the location of the factory, Vansan has a wide range of alternative foundries for different materials.

Welding Process

Fabrication is made by qualified and certified welders who utilize M.I.G , T.I.G , and innershield welding process.


CNC boring machines up to 2500mm diameter, Vertical & Horizontal lathes and individual production equipment supports an efficient and flexible manufacturing process.


Any coating available for potable and nonpotable services.


All components are assembled precisely according to the customer specifications for the best efficiency, long service life and the best appearance.


Vansan has great ability for testing up to 30.000 m3/h flow capacity with magnetic flowmeters ranges from Φ40mm up to Φ1200mm.

Test bench has voltage variety from 400V - 690V -1.000V - 3.300V - 6.300V and the power up to 3600 kW. Test bench is capable to test the pump in various speeds by frequency convertors and fully computerized.







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